Linux live boot problem with KMS

The Linux Kernel support for modern video cards nowadays improves day by day, thanks to the great work in Open Source drivers. A new graphic system for Linux Kernel was introduced several years ago to support higher resolutions and deeper color space directly into the kernel-space rather than user-space, allowing fast virtual terminal switch and better video/monitor support. This system is called “Kernel ModeSetting”.

But sometimes the system fails to proper recognize how to setup the video card starting from the very boot sequence. The system may hangs during MKS-enabling and frame buffer module loading, especially booting in live systems.

In case of problems, Kernel Modesetting can be disabled in boot time editing the Kernel Command Line from your bootloader (lilo or grub) by simply adding this flag:

In this way your kernel will boot in standard VGA screen resolution allowing at least the usage of a standard console for data recovery or system backup.